Essay about Joy Of Living, Matcha Green Tea

Essay about Joy Of Living, Matcha Green Tea

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Joy of Living, Matcha Green Tea

The Japanese tea ceremony celebrates not only the culture of this mystical eastern nation but boasts the Matcha green tea and its superiority. The only species of green tea used in this ritual. Consuming organic foods and living healthy in today’s society has rapidly grown at a rate of 20% annually according to the film, Food Inc. (Food Inc.). Presently in today’s world the trend is organic and focuses on what is in the foods that a person consumes. Should one consider Matcha green tea as part of their diet, it boast of significant health benefits. The extensive list starts with cancer and heart disease prevention and in addition it provokes the remarkable improvement of memory and concentration.
Writer Marlene Nakamoto inspires the use of Matcha green tea in her article Joi de Matcha written in The Island Scene magazine, Spring 2015 issue. Nakamoto underlines the message that the joy of living (French translation) is the joy of Matcha. Picture a mound of lovely, light green, powdered tea leaves sitting on a dish shaped in the form of a Japanese temple. This reflects the goal of the Japanese tea ceremony; that the guests and the person of the house experience divine fulfillment and tranquil meditation of the tea room (Mitscher 34). The scene calmly speaks earth-grown, organic, natural and serenity. What better way than to arouse and appeal to ones human senses through hues of earth tones while supporting the appreciation of a more natural way. Tea anyone? Not just any tea but the élite Matcha green tea.
In Uji, Japan, gyokuru (grown under shade), or otherwise known as Matcha tea is produced and harvested by renowned green tea and Matcha farm, O-cha. Matcha green tea is made from the Camel...

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...ia Dolby, a study performed in the 1980s implies that caffeine points to a high risk of women developing fibrocystic breast disease (126). Women who drink tea also suffer effects from caffeine during symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (126).
A major life changing experience affecting my physical health in 2009 caused me to take a different perspective when deciding what foods to buy and consume.
Because of this, there are a couple of questions I would ask myself before making the decision to consider adding Matcha green tea to my nutritional regimen. First, is it physically safe for my body? Second, considering its origination is it organic and natural? Third, will drinking Matcha green tea improve and sustain the value of a healthy lifestyle? The answer is a favorable yes. The reward is enormous because the joy is in living with the help of Matcha green tea.

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