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Journal Of A Refugee Essay

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Journal of a Refugee
Ellena Hicks
Invasion of Earth

The Proglaxt were a threat to the human race. They wanted everything and nothing. They sought the joy of killing; addicted to it like ecstasy. Pain from other people filed their hearts with immense elation. Capture was worse than death though, when it came to the Proglaxt. Capture meant torturous conditions, starved, with only an inch of life left, worked until bones collapsed, silenced, for speech was a way in which rebellion could start. This is why the human race was scared.
Rumours had been circulating that Earth was on the hit list of the Proglaxt but we weren’t on the ‘destroy the planet and its entire people’ part we were on the ‘capture and turn into slaves’ part. Everyone on Earth feared for everything they owned and everything they lived for. Many had fled to better places. They had fled through the glimmering stars of hope and safety, seeking protect on the Moon and some lucky ones got to Jupiter.
Mum and Dad were in a discussion on the day it happened. They feared for the safety of our family and were thinking about leaving for the Moon. They had beckoned me down so we could talk about it. BEEP BEEP BEEP! The attack alarm went off. No, no, no I thought. I still have so much more to live for. I rush down the stairs. Mum and Dad’s horrified faces looked back at me. Nothing was said between us, but our minds were all thinking the same thing, we had left it too long. We had waited too long to leave. We had kept a false hope within our hearts that the Proglaxt wouldn’t attack us and that everything would be alright. Everything was futile. There was no chance of escape, no chance of fighting back, no chance for hope, for hope had been shattered as soon as the alarm soun...

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... build. I headed back to the door and offered my hands as a guide to the multitudes of people trying to cram onto the ship. As I do so the military approaches the crowd starts to flee. The last of the refugees jump onto the ship and the doors close. Metal pangs off metal as the ship flies away and I drift into a deep sleep.
By the time I had woken up we had arrived at Jupiter. Doctors said that Mum was fine and that she was going to live. I spent much of the first couple of months there trying to find the woman who had so selflessly helped many people clamber up onto that ship, onto hope. All my efforts ended the same way. I never found that woman but every night I dream of her and everything she had done for people she had never meet before and how many lives she had saved. I would pray that she had lived and had gone on to live with a life full of love and hope.

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