Josef Mengele and The Inhumane Experiments in Auschwitz Essay

Josef Mengele and The Inhumane Experiments in Auschwitz Essay

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“He cut into me, without anesthetic, . . .The pain was indescribable. I felt every slice of the knife. Then I saw my kidney pulsating in his hand. I cried like a madman, I cried out the prayer; ‘Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God, the Lord is one . . . And I prayed to die, that I might not suffer this agony any more’” (Hall). This was said by a ‘patient’ of Dr. Josef Mengele, Mr.Yitzhak Ganon. Mr. Ganon was of the survivors of the inhumane experiments that took place in Auschwitz by the hand of the abominable man that is Josef Mengele. Josef Mengele was one of the most infamous men associated with the Holocaust, his cruel experiments on prisoners being held at Auschwitz made him widely known for his cruelty, warranting him the title “The Angel of Death.”
How is an evil born? How does the Angel of Death get its wings? Josef Mengele was born in a small town in Germany where his father owned a reasonably successful farming equipment factory. He was the eldest of three brothers and was very close to his mother. It was reported that she was a cruel woman that the factory workers feared. As a child, Joseph was a very charming boy and won people over with his wit. In Mengele’s teen years he decided to pursue becoming a doctor and make a name for himself to rise from his father’s shadow. Josef began his studies by getting a Ph.D. in anthropology, the science of human beings: especially of human beings and their ancestors. Then he continued his studies at The University of Frankfurt. It was there that Mengele met Dr. Verschure and started his study of eugenics. Eugenics is the sterilization of unwanted races, and the promotion of preferred races. It was here that Mengele was acquainted with the growing movement to purify society by the purgi...

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