Essay on Johnson & Johnson Company Analysis

Essay on Johnson & Johnson Company Analysis

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Johnson & Johnson is a successful company in the health industry : Johnson & Johnson a company that, through the years, has been diversifying and expanding worldwide as leader in the market for health products , consumer, professional , ethical pharmaceuticals and industrial . The vision is "To be the world's most successful company in the healthcare , prioritizing the needs of the people " their corporate philosophy is having Responsibility for internal, external customers and Justice for Suppliers and distributors, with a Commitment to the shareholders and Respect for environmental protection and natural resources
Part of Johnson & Johnson strengths are the Innovation Efficiency and Satisfaction Quality. they know the local needs of clients and have a commitment to utilities suppliers and distributors with a responsibility to shareholders. But there are some internal weaknesses, like too many layers in decision making.
their dispatch of customer orders are promptly and accurately. We can see this with this case when they timely started the removal of contaminated products ( Tylen...

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