Job Practice and Training Intern Kuwait Finance House in Bahrain Essays

Job Practice and Training Intern Kuwait Finance House in Bahrain Essays

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Kuwait Finance House – Bahrain it’s a %100 an Islamic bank that are leading to provide an Islamic and commercial investment banking services. Kuwait Finance House – Bahrain established in January 2002 and its wholly owned subsidiary of Kuwait Finance house - Kuwait . they are an industry leader for more than 30 years and with total assets of KD 3.915 Billions. While the total assets of KFH- Bahrain is BD 291 Million . also , they are specializes in conceptualizing the development and introduction of innovation , plus providing the sharia 'a compliant banking and investment products . all of these services are delivered by the most high qualified experienced and dedicated professionals that are empowered to think innovatively and act strategically .


KFH – BAHRAIN provides a various type of banking services such as ; consuming banking , investment saving account , auto finance and so many services will be mentioned later.


Our believes at Kuwait Finance House – Bahrain that’s not only about money and how to gain high profit, it's about how to help and to improves the people lives by providing them with the Islamic banking services that scope with their religious persuasion.
we provide leading edge Islamic banking solutions that truly enhance their lives whilst staying faithful to shari'a principles.


Missions of Kuwait Finance House - Bahrain is to develop the Islamic banking services provided to investors, achieve new heights by focusing on the development of Islamic banking services and to provide a comprehensive range of products and services that are in perfect harmony with the principles of Islamic law....

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...for both personal and none- personal accounts. 8 HOURS
WEDNESDAY 26TH FEB 2014 They showed me how to do the E-banking work. 8 HOURS
SATURDAY 1st MAR 2014 How to update the expired ids for the clients by updating the personal rim informations. 8 HOURS
SUNDAY 2ND MAR 2014 How to set up the clients signatures in the system. 8 HOURS


MONDAY 3RDMar 2014 The procedures of issuing an ATM cards. 8 HOURS
TUESDAY 4th MAR 2014 How to verify the clients signatures with the stored ones in the bank system. 8 HOURS
WEDNESDAY 5TH MAR 2014 The formal letters that are required by the clients. 8 HOURS
SATURDAY 8TH MAR 2014 Steps for closing or breaking the fixed deposits TCDs. 8 HOURS
SUNDAY 9TH MAR 2014 The cancellation of the uncollected ATM cards and check books. 8 HOURS

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