Essay on Jit Operations For The Banquet

Essay on Jit Operations For The Banquet

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Lean operations can be used in any company both in product manufacturing or the service industry. Leant thinking is when a company strives to provide the highest quality, outcome or value of their product or service through greatest efficiency, least amount of resources and lower cost (Lean Enterprise Institute n.d.).
Lean optimizes work flows, increases utilization of technology to reduce labor force and enhance accuracy, and makes every attempt to reduce foot print to save time (Lean Enterprise Institute, n.d.). The companies that use lean obtain an end result of high value and lower cost. A company must adopt all the principles of lean and be disciplined to follow the structure that lean processes provide. Lean systems objectivity through calculated data, standard tools, charts/graphs and on- going outcome reports assure the project is on target and sustainable. This takes subjectivity out of the equation.
JIT operations for the banquet:
The restaurant wants to provide the highest quality of food and service to the customers attending the banquet while being as efficient as possible to make a profit as well. First item they would focus on is their inventory; most banquets have a standard meal with limited choices with an estimated head count. The restaurant would assure they had enough food supplies to meet the quality and quantity without having waste or not enough. The menu would tell the restaurant manager the order of food preparation, number of employees for preparation and the employees matched by skill level for prepping, cooking, serving and set up. The prep area in the kitchen would be set up to provide greatest efficiency i.e. proximity of food items stored and utensil needed to assure quick turns an...

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... a company to increase the amount of production cost allocated to a product, in essence capturing more cost to the product than in traditional processes.
Automation utilizes computer integrated manufacturing. The computer systems control most if not of the manufacturing process. This process is used to eliminate non-value add cost. Switching to automation has advantages of increasing productivity, lowering cost, reduces production time and reduces or eliminates variability in production.
SA Corporation should employ cost drivers in materials and people/labor and time costs. This would lead to materials that are consumed during the production process and the labor hours that are consumed along with the production. This should be utilized any time for a reduction in inventory to reduce cost of holding/storing, transportation, handling, expirations and waste.

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