The Jfk Assassination By John F. Kennedy Essays

The Jfk Assassination By John F. Kennedy Essays

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“One minute the President of the United States is smiling and waving. ‘Mr. President, you can 't say Dallas doesn 't love you!’ Nellie Connally, wife of the Texas governor, calls from the limousine jump seat. A moment later, he stiffens and clutches at his wounded throat. Then his head explodes; blood and gore bathe the First Lady, who crawls onto the trunk lid of the moving car in a wild and hopeless attempt to collect the pieces” (Von Drehle). In this microscopic second, the hope of the American people vanished into ashes leaving all cold. The JFK assassination has had one of the greatest impacts on the American society due to how his promise as president brought hope, how society cherishes him even to this day, and how devastation hit after the assassination.
For example, John F. Kennedy Brought hope to many American citizens. Through his background, his political adversity, and even the climate of American politics for one man to manage and to represent he showed a new leaf for the people (Wall). JFK’s family was one of the richest and most prominent Catholic families in the political community at the time (Wall). Also, as a child he dealt with very troubling illness that even haunted him as he matured even into his presidency. In 1947, John also was diagnosed with Addison’s disease. When John grew older and quit his job as a journalist to become a political figure, many older politicians saw him as a political joke as they thought he has no true intentions.
Yet, after dealing with anti-Catholicism he later proved through popularity his drive and dedication. His popularity grew so heavily - for he represented everything pure to come in the future of America. “Kennedy represented a new generation in American politics, f...

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...m the stormy and foreboding Forth Worth to the sunny and cheerful Dallas on their private Jet, they had no idea of the event to come. They were there to have a fundraising cruise for the National Democratic Party along with the party of Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, his wife Lady Bird Johnson, the Senator, and the Texas Governor John Bowden Connally with his wife Mrs. Connally (Wall). As the day was in high spirits, Kennedy often wanted to ride on the back on the limousine to rise up and down to see the crowd, as this day was no exception. The governor and his wife in front to show off this monumental moment. While The Texan people were greeting their beloved guest, shots were fired by Lee Oswald, and the president’s head exploded in what seemed like a microscopic second that has been drawn out for what seems as an inevitable forever. “The nation appeared panic

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