Jesus ' Life, Death, And Resurrection Essay

Jesus ' Life, Death, And Resurrection Essay

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On another note, worshipping Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection can help someone better understand their own life and self. Speaking about Jesus’ messages on the kingdom of God, Dallas Willard, author of the Divine Conspiracy, wrote, “When we submit what and where we are to God, our rule or dominion then increases” (Willard, 1998). So much can be gained from submitting to God and worshipping Jesus. This is both in the worldly and the spiritual way; as God blesses those that follow Him, as well as provide those with a kingdom to be with Him after this life. The Bible says, “If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking” (James 1:5). This verse seems to be, in this context, talking about how if people turn to God rather than the world, they can gain the wisdom that they need to understand things that they may have not understood before. When someone believes in Jesus, and worships Him, they have a new outlook on life. They see that life is just the beginning and that eternal life still awaits, so they live much differently from the material world. Worship is an important part of growing closer to the Lord and for gaining such wisdom. On the importance, Joseph Carroll, author of How to Worship Jesus Christ, states, “nothing on anyone’s agenda is more important. In fact, the hectic pace of modern life only elevates the importance of active, deliberate, purposeful, daily worship of the Lord Jesus Christ” (Carroll, 1991). It can be hard in daily life to clear up time to give thanks and worship Jesus for all He has done for us. However, it is incredibly important for us to worship for the sheer fact that it is hard to find time to do so. God should be the number one priority,...

... middle of paper ... eternal life is there for those who worship and commit their life to Jesus. Additionally, Worshipping Jesus is important to grow closer to God and for better understanding life and purpose. Jesus’ life is labeled by some as dehumanizing because he was too perfect to be human, but that is not the fact. Jesus has feelings and temptations just life anyone else, but He chooses not to sin. Finally, Jesus and the Christians that follow Him are very different due to the sinless life Jesus lived. Christians can take things out of context and be lukewarm when they should be on fire for God like Jesus is. Jesus is obviously not just a human. However, He was given the same life full of the temptations of sin that everyone was given. For this, Jesus was both fully man and fully God. He was amazing, He was perfect, and He is waiting for Christians to commit their lives to Him.

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