On The Inccarnation By Athanasius's On The Incarnation

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Why We Believe
With each religion comes things to learn and understand. Some things are easy to grasp onto, while others can be impossible to comprehend. Why was it necessary for Jesus to be human? How did Jesus overcome the most powerful of human leaders? Why did God send His only son for us? In the book On the Incarnation by Athanasius, these questions are thoroughly explained. Beginning with the creation of man, God promised to protect and care for us. This promise He fulfills through Jesus His son.
“This He did out of sheer love for us” (Athanasius 8). This quote refers to the amount of love that God had for humanity, this love had been strong enough to shine through our own rejection towards Him. It continues to do this. When the human race repeatedly rejected God, He continued to have mercy on us. “It was our sorry case that caused the Word to come down” (Athanasius 4). Why would God continue to love us after all this? God could not abandon us, His creation. If we look at kings and rulers in the time of Jesus, we would most likely see corruption and death. When a king was upset he would often take a violent path. God, on the other hand, chose to send someone kind and loving to help us rather than to hurt us. This proves that God is and was genuinely concerned for us, and wanted to see us prosper. “ Now that the common savior of all has died on our behalf, we who believe in Christ no longer die” (Athanasius 21). God wants us to have faith in Him, He wants us to live forever with Him. Another king might bring death upon his people rather than on himself only for his well being not of his people’s. When Jesus died He gave us the option of life over death. All we must do is have faith and believe that He is the on...

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...oves us, he wants us to love him as well. We are all truly blessed to have a God that would rather save us than destroy us, a God that would give His life for us. Some of this is hard to understand. People will lose faith and believe all this to be false, but what is faith if there is no question. Our questioning is what led to Jesus coming in the first place, and when He destroyed death, He proved Himself to us all.
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