Essay about Jeannette Rankin : A Fight For Women 's Rights

Essay about Jeannette Rankin : A Fight For Women 's Rights

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Jeannette Rankin is most known for being the first woman in congress and a fighter for women 's rights. Rankin was opinionated and confident in herself. She stood up for women and children all over the world. However, Jeannette Rankin was not just known for fighting for women 's rights but also a being a pacifist, peace activist and a native Montanan.
Jeannette Rankin was born in Missoula, Montana, 9 years before it became a state, on June 11, 1880. She was born to a school teacher, Olive Rankin, and a carpenter, John Rankin. Rankin was the oldest of six siblings, seven before her sister died as a child. As a child she did her part on the farm and at home. Her duties included cleaning, sewing, and caring for her younger siblings. Maintaining the ranch machinery, she built a wooden sidewalk for a building her father was trying to rent out. says when her father died in 1902, he left money to Rankin, paid out over her lifetime (par 3). Looking up to her mother 's career as a teacher, she wanted to pursue the job when she became of age.
Although she looked up to her mother 's career, Jeannette soon realized it was not her calling. Graduating from the University of Montana and earning a degree in biology in 1902, she did not know exactly what she wanted to pursue. Therefore, she tried out multiple occupations. First she started out as a teacher, then a seamstress in Missoula and a social worker. Content with social work, Rankin decided to move to San Francisco to further her education. In 1908 she enrolled herself into the New York School of Philanthropy. After graduating from the School of Philanthropy, she moved to Spokane, Washington and continued her career while attending the University of Washington. While in Wash...

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...e. Her no vote was cast amid “a chorus of hisses and boos” (par 7). Because of her loud opinion against war, she became a speaker for veteran rights. Introducing the GI bill to congress, it guaranteed post-discharge education and other benefits for military servers.
Leaving office in 1943, Rankin made a tremendous change in the word. While retired she traveled around the United States speaking against Korea and Vietnam war actions. She also made speeches for Women 's Peace Union and National Council for the Prevention of War. She studied the teachings of Ghandi, traveling to India often. Taking more time for herself, she explored the world for 20 years after her retirement. Her final battle was on May 15th, 1968 in Washington DC where she and 5,000 other woman demanded the withdrawal of the United State from Vietnam. The battle was called The Jeannette Rank Brigade.

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