Essay about The Japanese Political System

Essay about The Japanese Political System

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Japan locates in the Pacific Ocean and it is an island nation in East Asia. It is to the east of China, Russia, and Sea of Japan. In Japanese, the characters that make up its country’s name mean “sun-origin”, giving the reason why Japan is always referred as the “land where the sun rises”. After signing the Treaty of Kanagawa with America, Japan started modernization and industrialization intensively in 1854, allowing it to become a regional power that enable it to enjoy its indigenous culture and the ability to defeat its neighboring countries. Soon after the defeat in World War II, Japan recovered within a period of time to become an international economic supremacy and also an ally of the US. Starting in the 1990s, Japan’s economy experienced a major slowdown that caused many problems, but the country still remained its economic power that held a great effect to the world. In March 2011, thousands were killed and nuclear power plants were damaged by the strongest-ever earthquake came with an accompanying tsunami. This catastrophe challenged Japan’s ability to deal with natural disasters and hobbled its national development.

The Japanese political system operates through parties just like other democracies. This is true except the fact that the concept of a political party was regarded with severe disapproval in pre-modern Japan. It recommended disagreement or even subversion. In prewar elections, candidate with personal knowledge usually meant more than his party label, and these elections were dominated by opposing voters less concerned with national politics than with local issues. Generally, most local politicians preferred running simply as independents. For them, the diversity and personal approach...

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...uit their jobs and accept the traditional roles, serving the whole family. Even if there are mothers who want to keep working can’t continue because employers won’t hire them.

Japan’s electronic industrialization is well known throughout the world, and these products take a place in large share in the international market, comparing to other nations. For example, Lexus. Lexus is a famous vehicle brand that was divided out of the Totaya Motor Corporation. In 1989, Lexus was first introduced in the US, and now it is sold globally, making countless profit to Japan’s company because it has become the largest selling cars. It is marketed over seventy countries and positions in the top 10 rankings of global brands based of market value. Lexus has customers worldwide, but its productions are mostly made in Japan, keeping its best and the original quality.

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