Essay about Jane Addams : Spirit Of Action

Essay about Jane Addams : Spirit Of Action

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The book “Jane Addams: Spirit in Action” was written by Louise W. Knight and published in September, 2010. It includes a precise and well elaborated bibliography of Jane Addams. The focus of the book is on gender roles, politics, race, culture, labor and law. It introduces the Great depression and progressive campaigns done by Addams. She is one of the nation’s radical progressives and a great legacy of social and political reforms. Jane Addams, born in the year 1860, was the first American women who won the Nobel Peace Prize.
In particular, “this book is the story of how Jane Addams…increasingly thought of herself, released her own spirit, and, worked with others.” With this Jane Addams was an astonishing individual who did remarkable things while working with others, uniting to fight for what they believed in. The author Louise W. Knight wrote the book to know Jane Addams story and what she did in her life to change so many things that evolved her and why she became so interested. The author wrote it to share the marvelous actions done by Jane Addams herself and reveal to the world the most loved and hated women.
Furthermore, Louise W. Knight was trying to inform her readers of such an outstanding leader and social worker. A person with great integrity and ambition to help others and their social class. The story is intended for everyone who would like to read the extraordinary book. It is written properly and formal with correct and well developed facts of Addams. It suits anyone, especially if they are into social, political, and cultural reforms of society. It is written in chronological order and is well elaborated.
Moreover, this story had a great effect of what I initially thought of Addams. The book altered my persp...

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...hieved its goal in making the book popular and remarkable. The book’s arguments are agreeable and it elaborates truths of Jane Addams entire life. The bibliography has definitely, with no doubt, been fairly attention-grabbing and concise with its concepts and facts. The quality of the book is outstanding and its purpose was to share the extraordinary story of a historical woman who had authority in some of the parties in the 1900s. The Beliefs and facts the writer included were very informative and well evaluated. “Jane Addams: spirit in Action” had pictures of her when she was younger and older, which helps the reader picture the way she looked like and how intelligent she seemed. The reason the author wrote on this particular subject was because Jane Addams was a fascinating and selfless woman who not only helped the women but also the people of the United States.

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