Jackie Robinson 's An American Hero Essay

Jackie Robinson 's An American Hero Essay

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Jackie Robinson Story: An American Hero

The Jackie Robinson story included, racism and Segregation against people of color playing baseball or any sport. The main characters were "Branch Rickey, Rachel, Jerry and Mallie Robinson, Edgar Robinson, Frank Robinson, Mack Robinson, Willa Mae Robinson, and Jack Roosevelt Robinson", also known as Jackie Robinson. Jackie, the youngest of four brothers and one sister. Together, they were parented by Jerry and Mallie Robinson. Jack was born in the time when racial segregation was severe in South. When Jackie went off to college he met his wife. Her name was Rachel. They got married on a Sunday afternoon, when Rachel graduated from her nursing program in June of 1945. Branch Rickey was the owner of a major-league team that Jackie played for. Rickey believed that Jackie would become the player to take away the color barrier and play in the big league. The thing that killed Jackie the most was that, he was forbidden to defend hisself against racial bigotry. The plot begins off as, Robinson as a young man, becoming a star athlete at the University of Southern California. As Jackie comes close to his graduation, he became worried about his future. His older brother Mack, who also was an outstanding college athlete. Also graduate, but could only get a job as a low grade street cleaner.

When WWII began, Robinson was drafted into he war. He served as an athletic director. Afterward, he played baseball for a professional African-American team. With him joining the team it caused, him to be away from his college sweetheart, Rachel. Then one day, Brooklyn Dodgers scout Clyde invites him to meet Branch Rickey, president of the Major-League Baseball team. At first, Robins...

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...ough there were people coming for him to knock him off his beat, he focused on what was more important and that was making it to the top in the MLB.
If I were to write this book, I would have made it to where Jackie’s father stayed in touch with him, because that is the main part of why young men fall off. Jackie kept getting in trouble and was a trouble-maker with his friends. If he had a father, he would of had a figure to look up to. Although, he did look up to his older brother, his brother was not his father. This would have made the book better, because it would have proven a theory that not all major sport players grow up without a dad. Learning how to do things on their own, leaving them thinking they have something to prove to others, and that they have to work extra hard to be notice. Anyone from any color or ethnicity, can be anything you set your mind to.

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