It Takes Three: Gestational Surrogacy Essay

It Takes Three: Gestational Surrogacy Essay

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It Takes Three: Gestational Surrogacy
Gestational surrogacy is when a woman, referred to as a surrogate, is pregnant with and gives birth to a baby that is not genetically related to her. A gestational surrogacy usually takes place when a couple is unable to get pregnant and or carry a baby. In most cases it is because a woman has an unhealthy or nonexistent uterus. Gestational surrogacy is also some times used by gay couples who want to start a family. The pregnancy is created with a medical procedure called in vitro fertilization where fertilized eggs are transferred into the surrogate’s uterus using a needle. The entire gestational surrogacy process is usually handled by a surrogacy agency. They handle everything from finding a surrogate to the in vitro fertilization process. However, couples and surrogates are usually represented by independent lawyers as a lot of legal work is involved in a gestational surrogacy.
Gestational surrogacy is a long and consuming process both emotionally and physically, it requires the complete dedication of all involved parties. There are many legal negotiations and the process isn’t cheap, but intended parents are willing to go through the process in order to have a child that is genetically related to them. The process of a gestational surrogacy begins when intended parents, the couple who will be having a baby through a surrogate, meets with a surrogacy agency. The intended parents must first meet with their attorney, representatives from the surrogacy agency and mental health care professionals. They will then determine weather the couple is right for surrogacy or not. The couple must also pass a psychological examination and a sexually transmitted disease test.
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...ive or negative, gestational surrogacy opens the door for people and couples of all different types to be able to start their own family with their own genes.

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