Essay on The Issue Of Abortion Is A Tough One

Essay on The Issue Of Abortion Is A Tough One

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The subject of abortion is a tough one. Many people have many different views on it. I do my best to always respect other’s views on sensitive subjects, but when it comes to abortion I become easily agitated. Wendell Berry’s essay, Caught in the Middle, did not irritate me. It includes a very well thought out examination of his views on abortion, and why those are his views. I cannot say I completely agree with every aspect of his arguments but I do agree with the conclusion he came too.
In the beginning of Berry’s essay, he states “I am especially in disagreement with [political parties] when they invoke the power and authority of government to enforce the moral responsibilities of persons.” I completely agree with this statement. It is not up to our government to make sure that we are morally responsible, that should be something we do ourselves. Our government was not created to enforce the bible and ensure that everyone is following God’s word. I think it is important to remember that not everyone in America is Christian, therefore they do not have Christian beliefs and morals....

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