Essay about The Islamic Revolution Of Iran

Essay about The Islamic Revolution Of Iran

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The Islamic revolution in Iran came from discontent for westernization and secularization in Iran. It was the Iranian supporters of Khomeini rebelling against shah and his westernized approach and dictatorship of the country. The Iranian felt as if Iran’s leader the Shahan shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Aryamehr was too westernized and was contaminating Iran with modernization and also creating a separation of democracy and religion. Also, powerful and entrenched groups in Iran did not like how shah imposed his westernize reforms (Goldschmidt, 2013). They were also dissatisfied with the allowance of United States interference or influence to curb the groups they viewed as blocking Iran’s modernization. This included landlords, ulama and bazaar merchants (). This lead to the White Revolution. This called for redistributing lands, nationalizing Iran’s forests, privatizing state owned enterprises, enfranchising women, sharing industry profits and forming a literacy corps to village education (Goldschmidt, 2013). The result of White Revolution was failure, and riots began breaking out against shah’s programs by the Shiite ulama. One of the critics of the White Revolution was Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (Goldschmidt, 2013). Khomeini voiced his opinion against shah and was eventually exiled to silence him. This did not stop him. He spoke against US interactions and influences and wanted to exempt them from Iranian jurisdiction. Another problem was a large wedge between the wealthy and the poor. A country that was once wealthy in oil, seen a shift in oil prices. This was the main source of income, and caused a rift economically. College educated Iranians could not find jobs, student’s flocked to big cities and farm owners lost land during ...

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...tates. The Islamic Revolution also took rights away from women who previously gained them. The strict Islamic laws were imposed as a result, and women rights in Iran back peddled as a result restoring their cultural and religious roots. Basically, the revolutions of the 20th century were based off of political or cultural ideologies that left long lasting impacts in the political and social worlds, not only in Iran, but across the world. However, unlike other revolutions, the Islamic revolution also did not have any support from other countries, thus relying on their own people. Also, just as a side note, unlike the Russian and French revolution, I never learned about the Islamic Revolution in grade school. Maybe this is because it has a religious undertone, and I attended public school, or maybe because it lacked the support of the United States and other nations.

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