Islam : A Monotheistic Faith Based On Revelations Essay

Islam : A Monotheistic Faith Based On Revelations Essay

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Islam is one of the largest religions in the world, with over 1 billion followers. It is a monotheistic faith based on revelations received by the Prophet Muhammad in 7th-century Saudi Arabia. Followers of Islam are called Muslims.
The origins of the religion of Islam begins with its founder, Muhammad. He was born into the tribe, Quraish, in Mecca around 570 AD. This was a very powerful tribe with many successful merchants, Muhammad being one of them. When Muhammad was about 40 years old he began having visions and hearing voices. This confused him and so he went to the mountains to meditate. The Archangel Gabriel came to him while meditating and told him to recite, "in the name of your lord." After this, Muhammad began to gain followers which angered the other merchants because they believed in the pagan gods and not a monotheistic one. He was ostracized in Mecca but continued to receive divine revelations which gained a whole community of believers.
One night, the Archangel Gabriel again appeared to Muhammad and led him on a journey. He was mounted on a heavenly steed and taken from Mecca to the "Farthest Mosque." There he prayed with other prophets like Moses, Abraham, and Jesus and was then ascended into the sky. Gabriel led Muhammad through the paradise of heaven and also hell. He met face-to-face with God and then descended back down to earth to continue preaching. 
The Qur 'an is the sacred book of Islam. The word Qur 'an means "recitation" and it is written in Arabic. The name suggests the way the Qur 'an is best communicated, which to be recited. Muhammad disciples memorized and wrote down the words of Muhammad 's revelations. The Qur 'an is also believed to be of divine origin and is written as God 's Word as it was rev...

... middle of paper ... and felt like he was being called to go at his young age. The last difference that I found was how Ibn was fasting, but not during Ramadan. “The purpose of fasting is to discipline oneself, to develop sympathy for the poor and hungry, and to give to others what one would have eaten, (p.434).” I noticed he was fasting because he truly did not have any food on him, however he had the chance to purchase more food for the journey when he was in Cairo or Damascus.
I found many similarities in the book that relate to Journey to Mecca. However, I also some differences from the movie compared to our teachings in the book. I think the producer of the film is trying to further educate people about the Hajj. Also how important it is to those who practice the religion of Islam. I think this because the film clearly was about Islam, however the main theme was about the Hajj.

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