Is Sociology A Appropriate Discipline? Essay

Is Sociology A Appropriate Discipline? Essay

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Many sociologists question, whether the sociological approach is an appropriate discipline to undertake when studying society. As society and individuals are continually changing it makes researching our social world much more difficult. Especially when choosing the correct method to utilize if wanting to achieve appropriate results. Although, sociology is viewed as a form of science the research methodologies differ. Nevertheless, when studying about society, sociology is seen as effective, however, various scientific methods may be used to organize the research and gain the most accurate results.

A sociologist 's main interest is to observe and explain society, therefore the research procedure is key and must be taken seriously. Meaning, the steps taken must be done appropriately and systematically to obtain accurate results. Therefore, “skipping or skimping any steps will risk the reliability and validity of the research” . Sociological research methods usually consist of “surveys, field work, experiments and secondary data analysis” . Even though it may seem odd to use scientific methods to study society, its systematic approach provides order to the research. Nevertheless, social interactions are different and forever changing, which makes it difficult for sociologists to chart or explain. Due to this reason scientific processes are helpful as it “establishes parameters which aid in the objectivity and accuracy of the research” However, scientific methods provide “limitations” and “boundaries” which need to be crossed when studying society since it is so diverse.

Nevertheless, the first step when using the scientific method is to identify the problem or area of interest. The research topic must not be too narrow nor to...

... middle of paper ...

...hods in order to choose the correct one for their research.

The evidence demonstrates, that sociologists juggle between the two methods and choose the one that is the most appropriate for the research topic. The scientific method provides systematic and organised research which will aid the researcher in conducting the study as well as ensuring that the data is reliable and valid. Although, sociological research is complex it provides reliable and valid results as well as reasons behind these results which is something the scientific method does not include. Which is vital when studying society as it is so diverse. Thus, researchers might use a single method or combine them depending on the subject of the study, as sociology is viewed as an appropriate discipline when studying society however the scientific method allows research to be more organized and coherent.

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