Is It Really Weird? The Lines Between Blogging And Magazines And Journalism

Is It Really Weird? The Lines Between Blogging And Magazines And Journalism

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“It 's really weird – the lines between blogging and magazines and journalism [and social media].” As Chad continued with his story of how he works as a food editor for a popular magazine in Los Angeles while simultaneously running a successful food account on Instagram, this statement really resonated with me. Are the lines between blogging and magazines and journalism – and the “micro-blogging” phenomenon on Instagram – really as blurred as they appear to be? I have been studying the famous “foodie” community of Instagram in order to understand how exactly these lines are blurred, and why they are becoming that way. I am also studying who is involved, how the foodies rose to such a popular level (and managed to keep this success), the things that they post, and how they interact with each other and with their followers. I chose to focus on the famous foodies – or food bloggers, lovers, and photographers – (and famous in the regard that they have more than fifty-thousand followers) because, although there are many accounts dedicated to food, there is a very niche crowd for the accounts that have more than fifty-thousand followers.
As well as having seemingly specific racial, ageist, and gendered norms at play, there appear to be divisions between the people who call themselves “foodies” as well, and this is what I will be trying to delve into with my research. I believe that this research provides information on the affordances of Instagram and the ways in which people are using this technology. I also believe that this research matters because it allows for the expansion of previous research done on food bloggers on sites such as Wordpress and Tumblr, because social media and the ways in which people share information are con...

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...years old.
As I began my research, the most difficult decisions were regarding where I would begin this journey. I started by creating my own foodie account on Instagram. By doing this, I would be placing myself as a part of the community, and not as just an outsider. After creating my profile, I had to come up with what I would put in the “information section” of my account: would I leave it blank, or what information could I put that would allow myself to be included in this community without too many ethical problems? After looking at other popular foodie accounts and after much time and deliberation, I decided on this biography: “Vegan, food-lover, and conducting research on foodies. NYU. Email: --- I am @suuuperalex”. It clearly stated who I was, how others could reach me, and my purpose for creating the account without being seen as an outsider.

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