Common Indicators For Good Journalism: The Elements Of Journalism

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Kovach and Rosenstiel (2007) outline several common indicators for good journalism in their book The Elements of Journalism. The first of which is the truth. In order for the public to be able to make a good decision regarding any given topic, the journalist must put forth reliable and accurate facts. The process of “journalistic truth” starts with professional discipline of gathering and verification of facts (Kovach et al., 2007). Then a good journalist will attempt to convey this fair and reliable account of their meaning which would also be subject to future investigating. Transparency is important in good journalism allowing the reader to form their own conclusions as it pertains to any given event or set of circumstances. Regardless of a corporation which would have to answer to its shareholders, publishers of journals ultimately are to show allegiance to citizens always seeking to put public interest ahead of their own self-interests. It is with this that I offer this concern regarding the recent journalism effort put forth in the Villa Grove News over the past few months.…show more content…
Nate Thompson took over his duties for the Villa Grove News, we noticed a new change in format with a different look to the paper. An update to the design and printing format was a welcome addition to the local paper. Adding new articles pertaining to politicians was an interesting addition to the paper that previously only included local content. This reader certainly appreciated the attempt to broaden the horizons of the reader albeit the slanted political perspective. And the news coverage over the past weeks concerning the Villa Grove School district has been very saddening as well as completely lacking in professional
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