Essay on Is It A Patient?

Essay on Is It A Patient?

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Katz Index of Independence in Activities of Daily Living is utilized to assess whether or not a patient is able to live alone independently or needs assistance from others. This assessment tool allows the nurse to assign one point based on how many activities, such as “bathing, toileting, dressing, transferring, continence, and feeding,” the patient can do independently, (Tabloski, 2010, p. 14). R.H. was assessed using this assessment tool. He scored a six which indicates that he is fully independent. R.H.’s appearance reveals that he is groomed, showered, and does not display signs of self-neglect.

One way a nurse can assess whether or not a patient is at risk for falls is by utilizing a fall assessment score. The Fall Assessment Scale mentioned in the textbook, Gerontological Nursing, on page 594, displays areas the nurse can assess and give a numerical score for patients who are confused, have altered elimination patterns, patients that are depressed, patients of the male gender, having received certain medications such as seizure medication or benzodiazepines, dizziness while standing, and the patient’s ability to get up in one movement versus needing assistance, (Tabloski, 2010). A numerical value of five or greater indicates that the patient is at high risk for falls. This assessment was performed on R.H. and he scored a two. R.H. does not require the use of a walker or cane. R.H. was able to perform the aforementioned tasks without difficulty or assistance from others. Because of this, R.H. is at low risk for falls.

Treating pain effectively in the older adult population is difficult due to these patients having multiple comorbidities. Because of this, older adults should be monitored for pain frequently. One w...

... middle of paper ... pain or an acceptable level of pain.

In conclusion, R.H. is a healthy individual. He is at risk for impaired mobility related to his arthritis in his knees and shoulders and fluid volume excess due to his nonadherence to a low sodium diet. Providing education on low sodium foods, making healthy dietary choices, and decreasing his pain will help improve the quality of his life. As nurses, we must individualize the care we provide to our patients. By conducting a thorough social history, assessing the patient’s environment, utilizing assessment tools to identify patients at risk for nutritional deficiencies, fall risk, pain, and the patient’s ability to perform activities of daily living independently will afford the nurse to recognize patients at risk and keep them safe. By doing the aforementioned tasks, the nurse has the opportunity to provide optimal care.

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