Is Incentive Compensation A True Motivator? Essay

Is Incentive Compensation A True Motivator? Essay

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Delves, D. (2011, February 16). Is Incentive Compensation a True Motivator? Retrieved June 3, 2015, from

This article discusses the concept of pay for performance. The incentive to compensation for motivation is only one aspect of engage employees, as well as it could be consider an addictive, however, this is does not mean this tact is ineffective enhancement to achieve performance to excel in their work production. The author specify concentrated on the compensation aspect of motivating employees. This is a helpful source for leaders that are looking for ways to engage employee’s performance.
Facer Jr., D. C., Galloway, F., Inoue, N., & Zigarmi, D. (2014). Creation and initial validation of the motivation beliefs inventory: Measuring leaders ' beliefs about employee motivation using four motivation theories. Journal of Business Administration Research, 3(1), 1-n/a. Retrieved from

This study was performed to analyze the measurement of a manager belief about employee’s motivation, as it relates to the four theories reinforcement theory, self-determination theory, expectancy theory, and achievement motivation. The author stipulate this method of research is important to create validation of motivation belief, and the structure of implementing this theories. This study could be use by leaders, mangers, and professional that is looking for alternative measures of motivation.
Fachrunnisa, O., Adhiatma, A., & Mutamimah. (2014).The role of work place spirituality and employee engagement to enhance job satisfaction and performance. International Journal of Organizational Innova...

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...not only for the success of the employees but to continue success of the workplace. This is a helpful source for anyone that interested in learn how to motivate and engage their employees.
Word, J., & Carpenter, H. (2013). The new public service? Applying the public service motivation model to nonprofit employees. Public Personnel Management, 42(3), 315-336. Retrieved from

This article discusses how to motivate employees in a nonprofit sector. The data cover an extensive array of services according to the Public Service Model (PMS), the analytic Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA).The author indicated that minorities in the nonprofit sector are more motivate than their white counterpart. This is a helpful source for all public and nonprofit business that need help engage employees into the company mission.

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