What Is Merit Pay On Employees

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There is considerable debate over merit pay and the effect it has on employees within an organization. Psychologists believe merit pay is related to the incentive theory of psychology; people respond to rewards and with the proper motivation, it increases performance (Cherry). Employers consider merit pay an effective tool and a form of competition strategy for motivating employees to achieve positive performance outcomes. Many employers ignore the fact that incentive plans may motivate some individuals while others have high work ethics and do not need motivation. The intent of this paper is to discuss merit pay used by companies, the motivational factors on employees to reach high achievement, and the challenges that employees face due…show more content…
Merit pay is a vehicle for employers recognizing individual performance and motivating employees to reach higher achievement. Competition is a natural human instinct and healthy competition compels employees to perform at their highest level. Employees must have clear, attainable goals and supervisors must provide continuous feedback, publicly praising employees to motivate performance. Additionally, employers that recognize and reward individuals for their exceptional performance in tangible ways, ultimately increase employee’s self-esteem and encourage them to maintain a high level of commitment to the organization. Employees are more apt to stay with a company when they feel that their hard work is appreciated and compensated. When employees are highly driven, it decreases absenteeism, tardiness, and results in a positive work attitude. In fact, employers use merit pay not only to retain highly motivated performance individuals, but also to attract new employees who are motivated by monetary rewards cultivating a productive workforce. Personally, I think merit pay plans are a great incentive if they are implemented fairly, equitable, and based on individual performance. Furthermore, I feel nothing demoralizes a high performing employee faster than knowing that all employees who contribute less to performance will receive the exact pay increase. If merit pay programs are instituted, they must ensure that…show more content…
Many employees lose motivation if not considered deserving of merit rewards, which directly affect performance. Employee’s say the criteria used to measure performance is highly subjective and unfair. Consequently, favoritism when rating employees can create major problems within an organization. This makes other employees unmotivated; they feel insignificant, causing low morale, because no matter how high they perform, they never meet the standards. Unmotivated employees produce less and do not substantially contribute to the organization. The inconsistencies with the appraisal system used for merit pay causes a higher degree of employee conflict, which directly affects productivity. Often personal goals may become more important than team goals, which is not beneficial to the company and affects team unity. Developing an accurate performance appraisal system where assessors are properly trained and objectives are clearly spelled out and discussed with employees can alleviate many
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