Essay on Is Education The Key For a Decent Living?

Essay on Is Education The Key For a Decent Living?

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The days of listening to people speak, and other slow methods of learning are all gone and the best you can do is what life is focus on. One needs a college education in order to work a decent job, that’s true. Receiving a college degree to ensure that you will be able to make a good living and be able to provide for yourself as well as your family is what goes with your degree. The idea of a college degree is required to earn a living is simply wrong. If we all had a college degree, the next "best thing" would be a master’s degree and the hunt continues. You end up as a financial debt or for student’s loan. We need a degree not ending up as debtors.
Education is a term that is widely used and thus widely misunderstood. Education, in the content of this topic, is the additional degrees pursued by an individual to intergrade the status of his/her educational level. This could either be influenced by the state of a job, living conditions, social effects, mandatory and some personal reasons. Additional degrees shouldn’t be counted as pre-school, grade school, or a high school diploma. These are all basic educational levels which an individual has to at least attend. Based on the topic, education doesn’t count an inch. To be a decent person or not, is a will that grows within humans and is not necessarily dependent on the individual’s level of education.
Asking a whole lot of questions about the topic is better. Shouldn’t our vision instead be to help children be as a productive member of the society as possible regardless of what they do? Whether they work with their hands or with their brains? Whether they dig ditches or fix hearts? Shouldn’t the vision we h...

... middle of paper ... but failure isn’t the end of life. I have to keep going.

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