Is Developing Artificial Intelligence Ethical? Essay

Is Developing Artificial Intelligence Ethical? Essay

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Accept our robot overlords! Actually, artificial intelligences, not robots. Artificial intelligence or AI is a program that can learn and improve upon itself whether at a sub, equal or above human level. Many believe that AI would bring humanity to an end as we know it, often due to movies such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Terminator, however those are fictional Hollywood blockbusters, not real life. In reality AI,s don't yet exist, however the human race is close to developing it. AI would improve life in many aspects. It would grant the military a new edge in combat. Robots with AI could do the jobs that we don't want to do or the dangerous jobs. One of the Human race’s greatest goals is to advance science and technology. the development of AI would be a great stride in such goal. Artificial intelligence would be a great benefit to almost all aspects of humanity and so it should be developed.

AI is a human-like intelligence that is exhibited by a machine or software (google definitions). It is a machine that can think for itself, make moral decisions and can learn on its own without being programed to do another task. We would have to create a device that could in a nutshell program itself. This is very difficult because we don't know where to begin. AI’s are not fully understood. Many people believe Siri to be an AI. This is untrue because siri is just voice a recognition software that is connected to a data base and just searches for results(6). Same goes for Watson, the jeopardy playing robot(6). Almost every robot needs user input, not necessarily from a controller. Robots and AI go handin hand, if you see one, you often see it with the other, simply because they are the perfect compliments. An AI can't do much without ...

... middle of paper ... AI is unethical because that is limiting the progress of humanity which is one of humanity's ultimate goals. - kentaro

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