Is Athletics Provide And Develop Kids With Invaluable Skills Such As Teamwork And Determination

Is Athletics Provide And Develop Kids With Invaluable Skills Such As Teamwork And Determination

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Athletics provide and develop kids with invaluable skills such as teamwork and determination. However, with some of those benefits comes the potential of a serious injury. Recently, concussions have been a major topic of discussion in the sports world. Many retired players of contact sports, including but not limited to, the National Football League (NFL) and the National Hockey League (NHL), have reported experiencing changes in their lifestyle both physically and psychologically. Concussions are a serious injury as they not only impact one’s life immediately but can also impact his or her future. It is important that we understand the science behind concussions and formulate ways to protect ourselves against them.
A concussion occurs when one suffers a traumatic brain injury and subsequently alters his or her brain’s functions. A head injury is usually diagnosed when one suffers a “violent blow to [his/her] head and neck or upper body and can cause [his/her] brain to slide back and forth forcefully against the inner walls of [his/her] skull” (“Concussion”). However, even the slightest movement can cause a minor concussion. Some symptoms of concussions are dizziness, loss of consciousness, and confusion. The main injury that medical staff are looking for is bleeding or swelling inside of the head which if left untreated can be fatal. It is recommended by doctors that one should not continue any physical activity after having a concussion to reduce the risk of experiencing a second one. (“Concussion”).
Since it is hard to tell if you actually have a concussion or not, one must be able to recognize the symptoms in order to see if they should seek treatment or not. Physical symptoms include headaches, nausea, dizziness, and visua...

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...-one blocking and tackling, contact between linemen and scrimmages- for one-third of their weekly practice time" (Smith). On November 14, 2013, Pop Warner announced that it lost 23,613 players across the nation from 2010 to 2012 which is a 9.5% decrease in participation (Breslow).
Despite some of the rules being altered, the well being of the athlete should always be prioritized. At this moment in time, even President Barack Obama would not let his son play professional football (Remnick). Players should recognize the symptoms of concussions and seek proper treatment instead of trying to play through the injury. The coaches should also be able to recognize the symptoms and allow the player proper treatment and recovery time before returning to the playing field. it 's important that we continue and progress towards fostering safe playing environments for the players.

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