Essay on Is Atheism And The Most Supreme Beings?

Essay on Is Atheism And The Most Supreme Beings?

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The final option, or line of thought, to consider under Premise 1 is atheism, or the belief that there is no god or supreme being that governed or created the universe and its elements. When following this line of thought, at first we seem at a loss of where to begin our search for what is "good". It seems natural to look to an infinitely wise and eternal being for guidance on the subject, but if we allow that no such being exists, then by what do we measure or define what is "good". One possibility is that we look to humans beings. If humans are to be considered the most supreme beings in the universe or, if not supreme, at least qualified enough to determine what is good, then perhaps it is possible to derive a definite truth of goodness from the human race. Once again, however, we are left with the issue of coming to a consensus with multiple individuals. Where the Greeks had several dozen gods, the planet Earth boasts nearly 7 billion people. The mere thought of trying to convince every single one of those individuals to agree on even a single truth is beyond overwhelming. Perhaps, then we should not consider the whole population but rather a select few who are deemed to be wise or knowledgeable. Maybe this group of individuals could establish what is "good" without the influence or command of a divine power. Yet, over and over again, those in the United States have seldom seen a unanimous decision made in either our house or our senate or any other governing body at the federal, state or local level. Around the world, the results are the same. Elected officials fail time and time again to agree with each other about anything. In fact the human disputes that result from these disagreements about what is "good" can sometimes ri...

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...affected the laws and courts, but also the individual 's attitudes and behavior, such as the ones seen in Euthyphro. As was shown in this paper, concrete definitions were unable to be reached when considering the polytheistic or atheistic views because of the natural inability for groups to come in a consensus all of the time. However, it was concluded that there was a possibility to determine an exact definition for good when considering the monotheistic view if the deity was considered to be a constant and unchanging being. Likewise, if goodness was assumed to have an innate elemental nature about it then it was possible that through the scientific method or other processes, that an exact truth about goodness could be determined. The ability to find a solid ground on the matter of goodness and/or piety truly rest with how you define the conditions of your argument.

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