Invasive Species are a Problem Essay

Invasive Species are a Problem Essay

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Invasive species are something I think about a lot, so I decided to research them. Imagine your favorite lake, you go for a swim. While you're in the lake you step on something sharp, your foot bleeds. You stepped on a zebra mussel one of thousands of invasive species around the world. Invasive species are a real problem, a problem worth fixing,and a problem that can be remedied.
An invasive species is, according to executive order 13112, a species that is not native and causes harm (1).No matter what harm a species causes, if the species is native it cannot be invasive, It can be classified instead as a nuisance . Invasive species and nonnative species are not the same thing (NOAA 2). To be an invader, the species has to causes problems, as executive order 13112 defines as “does or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health.”(1) This simply means that invasive species are unlikeable. Therefore, if people like the nonnative species and its consequences it is classified as not invasive.
This problem has several causes. All these species have to come from somewhere. According to NOAA, most Aquatic invaders come from the ballast waters of ships(14)An example of this happening is zebra mussels as well as some seaweeds. Also, many invaders are imported for the aquarium hobbyists (NOAA 28) According to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources other ways invasive species travel include, moving soil that has invasive species/seeds/eggs in it, same goes for firewood, releasing pets, gardening, and water transport.(3)
These species cause many problems. “In 1997, a paper mill in Michigan spent $1.4M to remove 400 cubic yards of zebra mussels from its intake”( NOAA 6) this is a lot of capital to tempora...

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