Intra Group and Intergroup Processes Essay

Intra Group and Intergroup Processes Essay

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The Application of Intergroup Relations to the Case of Ritual Fight Involving New British Marine Recruits
Teams and work groups function in organizational and interdependent relationship settings. These organizational groups are interdependent as they function to fulfil the goals of the whole organization. Groups rely on each other to gain valuable information necessary for their operation. In business, the marketing department may depend on the production to reach out for more market, whereas the production department may depend on the marketing to moderate in production. Intra group relationships take on similar processes, but apply within the group. Group members form bonds for interdependent reliance individual. Group favoritism is typically exhibited with group members giving rise to group value. Members feel obligated to their own group and regard their members better than others who are not in the group (Maddux, 2007). The need to belong sometimes is so strong within a group setting that members are willing to go to great length to merge well into the group. At other times other psychological factors come into play in causing group members to condone acts against them that they would in other circumstances not condone. This paper analyses intra group and intergroup processes as exhibited in a British Marine ritual reported in ‘The Guardian’ involving mistreatment of new army recruits (Marines under fire for ritual beatings film, 2005).
The story contained in ‘The Guardian’ is about a ritual fight involving new British marine recruits. The story has four photographs depicting two naked marine recruits at the center of a ring of other naked soldiers, being made to fight with mats rolled around their hands. One photo shows th...

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