Internet Piracy Has Changed Our Lives Essay example

Internet Piracy Has Changed Our Lives Essay example

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The advancement of technology has dramatically change our lives. About a decade ago, we were only able to share certain amount of data. Now, with the use of your computer and a few mouse clicks, you can download anything you want such as music, video, PC games, software, and many more things. I believe that peer to peer technologies have enormous potential. However, the unauthorized use of peer to peer technologies has led us to a serious problem. Everyone has common misconception that downloading copyrighted files without paying anything is okay!. Who does not love free stuff? In addition, why would one pay anything for the products when the same products are available free? The people who make all of these files available to us are internet pirates and they are giving rise to internet piracy. Many of us are so use to it that we even do not know that we are doing piracy. We should be aware about internet piracy because one can be jailed and fined for doing it. Internet piracy is an illegal act of reproducing, sharing, or copying the copyrighted files with anyone around the globe without any cost. The internet piracy should be stopped because it has made our lives worse by stealing someone’s intellectual property, by decreasing the value of products, and by increasing the economic loss.
Internet piracy had a major impact on music industry. Music is something that we all love to stack on our mobile devices or computers and listen to it as many times as we like. The internet pirates are easily making music available to us at no cost. This means the hard work of the producer, songwriter, artist, and every other member of the production team are dumped into the trash. The music fans not only download the songs, but they also do “samp...

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...racy. However, just because someone cannot afford the product does not mean that he or she should steal it. In fact, no one reserves a right to steal someone’s intellectual property and it is very unlawful to do it. Is there any difference between pirates and shoplifters? Both of them steal merchandise without owner permission at no cost. It is nothing more than an illusion for the society that internet piracy is helping them save big bucks. How would you feel when someone download your work and says it was online? It is still the beginning of the pirate’s world. The day is not far when every single person will visit the Pirate-bay (a pirate search engine), search the content, and push the download button. The end to internet piracy can remove lots of malicious content which influences youth of the society. It will increase the business, employment, and production.

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