Internet Crimes, Torts, and Scams Essay

Internet Crimes, Torts, and Scams Essay

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Internet Crimes, Torts, and Scams: investigation and remedies by Melise Blakeslee, was a long and confusing book. To be honest with you, I am not entirely sure what I read. This book touched bases with cybersquatting. Many public cases were introduced throughout the book and the courts decisions were discussed. Melise Blakeslee gave many practice tips to use when you are stuck in certain situations. They consisted of many practice tips to protect yourself when you are online. From what I gathered, the purpose was to focus on domain names of website. There is confusion to potential consumers when someone else has a similar domain name. Approach, structure, and what is not covered; is the focus of the paper and book.
What is the approach you should take when someone has the same or similar domain name as you? What should you do about theft, defamation, and cybersquatting? To deal with these things you need to know about the tools and laws. There are meaning thing you see on the internet such as cyberbullying, theft of personal information, and denial-of-service attacks. What is really being done about these situations? Your answer would be hardly anything.
One thing I learned about is the WHOIS search. This requires you to register your domain name. Once the domain name is registered, anyone can look up your domain name using the WHOIS search. The thing is once you do this, you public information is out there for everyone to see. People tend to use this site to find out the expiration date of your domain name, the ownership, and to see if there is any criminal activity. They will know all this because besides your personal information, your web IP address and host name will be available. One the plus side, there are also private ...

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...I feel like we focus on so much on petty stuff and not something like this that truly matters. What I learned about this book is that you have to be careful. No matter who you are, someone on the internet is waiting to take advantage of you just because they can. Be cautions of what website you go on because it can all be a fraud. I personally would not buy anything off a website unless I absolutely knew it was safe. In addition, do download or take information that is not yours illegal. I am sure you would be upset if someone did that to you, so treat him or her how you want to be treated. Finally yet importantly, be smart! Be smart about things you look at, post about yourself and about other because it can come back to haunt you.

Works Cited

Blakeslee, M. R. (2010). Internet crimes, torts, and scams: investigation and remedies. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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