Internet Addiction And Its Effects On Individuals Essay

Internet Addiction And Its Effects On Individuals Essay

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As technology advances and becomes available to the public, the average person relies more on the newest efficiency and leaves behind the outdated advancements. Email, Facebook, and mobile phones replaced the need for the Pony Express and many face-to-face conversations. Consequently, people begin to lack the ability to write a formal letter or communicate well in person. In addition to the decline in a person’s ability to do tasks without depending on modern technologies, people become reliant on the speed and immediate satisfaction that the improvements provide. Studies show that people who use the internet often are at risk of developing an addiction, which can lead to depression, loneliness, and, in some cases, lower self-esteem. People ought to inform themselves about internet addiction and make the necessary steps to disconnect so as to prevent further detachment from personal interactions.
The study of internet addiction and its effects on individuals began in the early 2000’s. The studies performed on internet usage do not argue that all internet use is unhealthy, however, the studies show that increased internet use leads to more “unconscious internet users” (Ayas & Horzum.283). When people are unable to control the amount of time spent on the internet, they disrupt their life in countless ways (Ayas & Horzum.284). Mental and physical health can be equally affected. This takes a toll on relationships and causes strife between friends and family, much like other addictions. Unfortunately, this addiction begins at a younger age, which led to the experiment performed by Assistant Professor Doctors Ayas and Horzum.
In their experiment, 292 students ranging from ninth to twelfth grade, both female and male, were assessed on s...

... middle of paper ... of poor internet use, it is beneficial to one’s social and professional life. If more people are willing to risk their current complacency and disconnect, they will begin to experience true human interaction again. Though addiction seems to be a normal progression, it is important to combat so humans do not lose the important social interactions which make them human. As soon as society become comfortable, and accepts internet addiction, among other addictions, humanity will deteriorate further as relationships are lost. The image could not be sadder than the father who turns his attention away from his young daughter to his phone. Though the young girl, full of energy and joy, does everything in her power to gain her dad’s attention and affection, he only notices her briefly. Eventually, the young girl gives up and glumly sits down and silence ensues (Schwartz).

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