International Students And Their Culture Work Together At K State Essay

International Students And Their Culture Work Together At K State Essay

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When choosing our research topic for our CBAR project we tried to think of something that involved both culture and the students here at Kansas State University. After talking about many ways in which we could incorporate this into our research, we decided to look at how international students and their culture work together at K-State. Our official question was: "Coming to America, how have differences in culture affected international students at K-State; how have they adjusted to these differences; and how can we make their adjustment easier?"
We chose this topic because it intrigued us to think about how we might feel at a school in a different country. We would want to be able to achieve the same things other students achieved and also be treated in the same way. We would want to feel accepted rather than simply tolerated. In conducting this research, we hoped to not only learn how the students are adjusting here, but also learn about their culture and how they are preserving it while they are here. After collecting this information, we hoped that with our presentation we could inform our class who then could inform others how to improve interactions between international students and students from America.
We chose to use a focus group to collect this information. By using a focus group we thought we would be able to create a more conversational setting, rather than just a question and answer session. We also hoped that the students participating would be able to feed off of each other when answering prompts that would be brought up. After we chose our method, we chose our community partner. We contacted the International Student and Scholar Services so that we could talk with someone on how to recruit students for our fo...

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...ou are working so hard at, but that is exactly what is happening with international students. Disha told us that when people are rude when correcting her English, she tells them that she knows 4 other languages; then they shut up. Microaggressions and the pile on theory go hand in hand. The anger that is built up over days/weeks/months by the microaggressions pile together and lead to disdain towards K-State and America as a whole.
We also talked about leadership and what qualities they believe makes up a good leader. A common theme between all four students was that the leader considers themselves as a part of the group. The leader cannot dictate and they say “we” when giving a direction or order. They also talked about the presidential election and how they believe Trump is not fit to lead America. They described him as a dictator and and the opposite of a leader.

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