International Space Exploration Coordination Group 17 Essay

International Space Exploration Coordination Group 17 Essay

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“The ISS partnership demonstrates the functional dimension of international cooperation in space as it enables partners with different levels of investments to gain access to this unique laboratory, not affordable for any partner alone, and thereby share into the benefits” (International Space Exploration Coordination Group 17). The International Space Station (ISS) is the bridge between the past, present, and future when it comes to space. Built in 1998, it was the first orbiting station to be owned by multiple nations. It’s key in the research and development of new extraterrestrial technology and crucial to discovering more about the effects of space on man. It has been used regularly by several nations over the years. The cost of the station is so great that one nation alone could not finance the entirety of it. Sharing the cost allows for greater discovery at a lower cost for each involved nation. On another level, the International Space Station and Space Treaties have brought the world together for a common purpose. “Partnerships and capabilities developed through space exploration create new opportunities for addressing global challenges. Space exploration is a global endeavour contributing to trust and diplomacy between nations” (International Space Exploration Coordination Group). On Earth, space travel is a competition between nations. In space, however, there are no boundaries, and it’s simply a battle between mankind and the unknown.
Space is the greatest mystery there will ever be. There will never be a complete answer for the secrets of the universe--and honestly, it’s probably better that way. Mankind was meant to struggle, but to always find an answer in the end. Space exploration is a constant search for answe...

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...into space are far less expensive, and less risky as well. Man, however, is a greedy species. We tend to want to experience everything for ourselves and with that comes a certain reckless pride. But isn’t that the greatness of mankind? As David Freedman states it, “The real justification for human spaceflight is to take steps toward expanding the human race 's stomping grounds” (Freedman). Even so, we do have a planet already, with a great many inhabitants, with a large demand for support. In response to this argument, it is to be said that the future of mankind lies solely in the way we treat our planet now, and the potential inhabitation of any other planet. This is the sole purpose of NASA. The harsh truth is this: everyone can live like kings now, but may sacrifice any future of the human race. This is the enormity of NASA’s (and all other alike agencies) cause.

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