The Interlopers Short Story

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Comparison Between “Story of an Hour” and “The Interlopers” Some stories are so different that you would say they can’t be similar in anyway. I beg to differ. The short story, ‘The Interlopers’ and the short story, ‘Story of an Hour’, each relate to each other. ‘The Interlopers’ tell the story of two rivals who hate each other with a passion, getting trapped together and eventually overcoming their hate for each other, only for the story to end with them dying. ‘Story of an Hour’ tells a story of a woman who hears news that her husband is dead, she overcomes this news and tells herself she’s free, but when she finds out her husband is in fact, not dead, and dies out of excitement. Each of the tell a different story and have many differences, then again, each also have many similarities. In all stories, there’s always English terms. Some of the terms could be, foreshadowing, imagery, irony, etc. These terms help define certain features of the story. In ‘The Interlopers’ this story contains imagery while also having irony. While there are similar things in ‘Story of an Ho...
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