Inter Professional Vs. Professional Healthcare Team Working Essay

Inter Professional Vs. Professional Healthcare Team Working Essay

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A team made up of multiple health professionals working together to provide effective health care can be seen as inter-professional. (WHO 2010). I have learnt the following in regards teamwork and how it may be applied to inter-professional healthcare team working. Communication is a vital part of creating a cohesive team. Effective, assertive communication allows for more successful verbal exchanges and less negative feelings when communicating with other staff and patients. Effective communication creates a unified team working environment which will lead to better patient management and more positive health outcomes for the patient. As well as structured, effective and open communication being a primary component of teamwork, healthcare teams also need a desire to work together with a clear and common goal; helping the patient (Alonso and Dunleavy 2012; Leonard et al 2012). A willingness to take part and contribute is also needed for a team to work well. This needs a level “psychological safety” or trust within the team to express ideas and to speak up and raise concerns too, (Day 2006; Leonard et al 2012). In healthcare if another professional has unsafe practice in regards themselves or a patient, or if there is an idea which can improve the working environment for staff, people should feel they can express this. Another part of an effective team work I have learnt is definitions of roles and responsibilities, so everyone involved knows what they are doing. In terms of healthcare Smith (2013) comments that to effectively work together health professionals need to understand clearly their own professions motivations and values and what they can do enhances the team.

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...sional learning and team work was underlined by the Victoria Climbié Inquiry (DoH, 2003) and the Mid Staffordshire Inquiry (DoH 2013). Both of which demonstrated how poor communication and team work between professionals can have a devastating outcome. The benefits of health and social care working together is ultimately better and more efficient services for the service user as well as better patient management and more positive health outcomes. Meeting with other health professionals on a regular basis to promote understanding, and recognition of other’s skills can help with creating more equality. More expert professionals like doctors can lend their skills and knowledge to create new career pathways for other professionals who can then expand their role and scope of practice to offer more efficient services as the workload of the department can be better managed.

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