The Intelligence Of Iraq During The 21st Century Essay

The Intelligence Of Iraq During The 21st Century Essay

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Introduction and Purpose Statement
Iraq was the largest military action in the 21st century, since the Vietnam war. The Iraq war had cost a great deal of lives, resulting in an unstable nation. Initially the invasion was due to threats of Weapons of Mass Destruction along with potential links to terrorist groups responsible for the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center. After inquires and surveys, conducted post-invasion, information begins to flow on the status of the Weapons of Mass Destruction withheld by Saddam Hussein. Much of the Information that had been provided to the Central Intelligence Agency, along with the National Security Council, proved to be incorrect. With the flawed intelligence that had been received by the United States Intelligence Community, the Invasion of Iraq had resulted in a large intelligence failure of the 21st Century. How was the intelligence that was received by the United States Intelligence Community vulnerable to flaws, and what led to these flaws being missed from the Intelligence Analysts in the Intelligence Community.
The purpose of this thesis is to examine how the intelligence failure that had occurred with the intelligence assessment of the Iraqi Weapon of Mass Destruction program was led to be flawed, in order to learn how this occurred. Allowing for the determination of how these flaws led to the intelligence being biased or even miscalculated would give a greater insight as to preventing this miscalculation from occurring again in the future.
Statement of Problem
The Intelligence community had a large failure in determining the status of the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction program, along with its production status, during the pre-invasion operations and analysis. Thi...

... middle of paper ...

...icular target of the Iraqi Weapon of Mass Destruction program. It will also contribute to policy makers as well as others in the intelligence community in order to prevent these failures from occurring again.

Data Analysis
The bulk of the data that is collected will be analyzed from various peer-reviewed journals, in conjunction with reports from government agencies that had conducted investigations on the intelligence community’s findings post-invasion. What will also be included are various media images detailing the declassified information that was being purported as being actual correct information from validated sources. Together with the case testimony from sources that had been involved during the initial collection process, the data will be reviewed using hypothesis testing, alternative hypothesis, devil’s advocate, along with quality of information check.

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