Essay on Intellectually Disabled People

Essay on Intellectually Disabled People

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“Before God we are all equally wise - and equally foolish.” (Einstein). Developmental disability, better known as intellectual disability, or mental retardation is a disorder that causes individuals to preform at below average levels (“Intellectual”). This disorder is characterized by continued infant-like behavior, decreased learning ability, failure to meet the markers of intellectual development, inability to meet educational demands, and a lack of curiosity (“Intellectual”). Some people with intellectual disabilities are able to live normal lives, while others may require assistance. Most people with intellectual disabilities have the same capacity to preform the same task as those without intellectual disabilities.
Twice a year disabled athletes from all around the world gather to participate in the Special Olympics. In the 1950’s and early 1960’s Eunice Kennedy Shriver was concerned when she noticed that people with intellectual disabilities didn’t have a place to play, she had to take action (“History Special”). She began holding a summer day camp for special needs people in her backyard, the goal was to learn what children with disabilities were capable of doing (“History Special”). After an abundance of tedious work, on July 19th and July 20th of 1968 the first international Special Olympics took place at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois (“History Special”). A thousand people with intellectual disabilities from the United States and Canada competed in track, field and swimming (“History Special”). Almost ten years later the first ever International Special Olympics Winter Games was hosted in Steamboat Springs, Colorado (“History Special”). Over five-hundred athletes competed in skiing and skating events. It was ...

... middle of paper ... is an abundance of resources available to intellectually disabled. With these resources mentally challenged people are enabled to preform at a level close to what is considered normal.

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