Integrated Regional Planning : A Major Network Of Development Corridors That Penetrates The Syrian Coastal Depth

Integrated Regional Planning : A Major Network Of Development Corridors That Penetrates The Syrian Coastal Depth

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After the lighting on the current situation of the planning reality in Syria, and the conclusion of weakness in the Integrated regional planning. It was necessary to propose and apply a scenario based on a major network of development corridors that penetrates the Syrian coastal depth. Aims to links areas that suffer from the decline in development reality in the coastal rural area and it 's Eastern-back as a step towards contact with the mid region on one hand, and with a good development situation area within the coastal development axis on the other hand. Parallel with the viable ones in the future with sub-corridors to include all the targeted areas in accordance with the following proposal:
A. Targeted areas. Fig. 2
1- Zone Ⅰ: coastal rural and semi-urban area
Within two provinces [Tartous- Latakia], 37 sub-districts. It stretches from the coastal plain in the west to the coastal mountains in the east, which separates it from the inner insides of Syria. Only the southern gate that links it with Homs province, and another northern gate that links it with the governorate of Idlib and from there to Aleppo. Geographically; it consists of the coastal plain with fertile soil and Strategic water inventory 350 estuaries, and the hillside is home of citrus and olive [strategic crops], and then the mountains (Saleh & Allaert, 2014).
In terms of Population, according to the State Planning Commission, the population density (before the war) reached 405 inhabitants / km2 in the province of Latakia and 370 inhabitants / km2 in the province of Tartous, while the population density in the coastal plain area about 20 times the national average (Syrian Commission for Family Affairs, 2008).
2- Zone Ⅱ: coastal urban area and marine space.

... middle of paper ... rural development corridor [ERDC].
Depending on the road scheme in the region Ⅲ, the development corridor suggested the extension and logistic preparation for the road axis between the development centres [Mysiaf- Sqailbieh] towards Talkalkh in the south and towards Jesr-elshoghour in the north, includes 5 sub-districts at residential census data about 317.360 capita, then there would be suggestion of direct horizontal road axis connected with the coastal rural axis using new infrastructure techniques including bridges and tunnels to break the barrier of topographic towards an Integrated Rural Development. So, this axis would be considered the shortest link point in terms of the time and the space between the main development axes; the north-south axis and the coastal axis at the national level with transporting the developmental outputs between them, Fig. 3 (C).

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