Essay on The Instructional Material By Using The Sam Checklist

Essay on The Instructional Material By Using The Sam Checklist

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After objectively assess the suitability of the instructional material by using the SAM checklist, there are some recommendations in the items about the pamphlet about pediatric infectious disease that could help the enhancement of the material.
Firstly, the content topic could be enhanced by adding specific information that would help the target population to increase their knowledge about the infectious disease that would be linked to the desirable behaviours that are already presented in the pamphlet. The scope of the material should be limited to what the parents can reasonably learn when reading the pamphlet, so the experience of the parents while reading this instructions should focus more on the essential information that is directly related to the disease that they think their child suffer of in the time allotted to do it. And lastly within the item of the factor of content, there should be a summary and some key points included to make easier the comprehension of the information given.
Secondly, in the literacy demand level item, the reading grade level could be improved by decreasing the reading difficulty of the pamphlet given that this instructional material is given at Walmart, the target population varies a lot and not all of the parents that pursue the pamphlet don’t possess an 8, 4-9 grade level of schooling. Next, by avoiding some of the complex words (ex: Contagious disease, adverse effects, colloidal ointment) and giving examples to explain the concepts, categories and value judgement words like some of the differentiate symptoms of the contagious disease, the vocabulary of the instructional material could pass from being adequate to superior. By giving even some context of the disease within the pamphlet an...

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...symptoms that will help the differentiation of other similar contagious disease, when to see a doctor, and the prevention and treatment of their child.
Other important learning strategies to enhance the material is by making the layout of the pamphlet consistent with “reading gravity”, adding some important memory aids, some “pop-up definitions” that will help the parents differentiate the various contagious diseases that their child could get, some frequently asked questions that will give some cues whether if the pamphlet need to be change or if some more information need to be added and finally highlight the key points of the information where the parents should focus given that most of their concentration and energy would be centered in the well-being of their child.
Within the same concept of individualization, the pamphlet could be enhance too by tailoring

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