Insanity And Its Effects On Mental Health Care Essay

Insanity And Its Effects On Mental Health Care Essay

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Bryan Ducane
Eng. Comp. 1 #81778
Valerie Swartz
October 15, 2015
Insanity to Sanctity: Changes in Mental Health Care
The modern day face of mental health care is a patient focused ideology that continues to retract from the cruelty of the mid-1900’s to a more humane, patient centered focus of societal inclusiveness. Mental healthcare, a long taboo subject in society, was subject to a hidden dilemma that can be attributed to lack of science and scientific advances. Many patients were left to their own demise and internal mental suffering. By facing the reality of humanity, we have slowly been able to change our treatment of those most vulnerable in society. The cruel invasive and damaging techniques were slowly replaced by a more humane and passive treatment with our greater knowledge and advancing technologies.
Recalling the early days of working in mental health, it is easy to notice a cruel and distressing situation for many of those treated under the old care standards. I had started working in mental health early enough to communicate with a few of the nurses remaining from the early days of psychiatric care, and was privy to stories the lay person may never have encountered. Many nurses in the early to mid-1900s seemed to be simply inn keepers and a doctor’s relay versus the crisis interventionist that they are today. It is little known that the old psychiatric care center that stood at 2900 St. Anthony Drive in Green Bay, was one of those centers. During the night, the wards were locked down when the nurses left their shift; the old farmers (who resided there-as the origination was intended as a boarding house for the displaced farmers after the great depression) provided the overnight watch in exchange for their r...

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...he disorder; we know that the patient desires to be a part of society, no different than all others who don’t suffer with mental illness. We have let go of the horrific times when we focused on damage to the patient’s brain versus treatment of the mind and body, which we have come to recognize today. Patients are now supported in community based treatment providing the least restrictive means necessary. Mental health care treatment has not only changed the patient; it has changed society as a whole.

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