Essay on The Ins and Outs of Government Careers

Essay on The Ins and Outs of Government Careers

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Government careers are the most sought careers of all times. The variety of occupations in the government sectors is extensively wide. Government careers provide stability to the professional life. The competition for these jobs is very keen.

1. Introduction
2. Tasks
3. Qualifications Required
4. Other necessary Skills
5. Place of Work
6. Job Opportunities
7. Remuneration
8. Job Progress
9. Employment Forecast

Government careers are the most sought careers of all. This is because; these careers provide a stable professional life to the people. They offer security and steadiness. Though the compensations are lesser than in the private industries, the additional allowances and benefits provided by the government are numerous. The state and federal government both comprise a variety of departments that offer a large number of employments. This leads to a keen competition for these career opportunities.

The tasks of the officials in government careers depend on the department they work for. There are various categories and sectors in which the government works. The primary categories are the federal level government, state government and the local government. These again have various departments like security, welfare, administration, management, health, hygiene etc. The basic or general tasks of the officials in government careers would be:
• Understanding the functions and requirements of the job they are selected for
• Devoting necessary time and energy
• Meeting deadlines and fulfilling responsibilities
• Working in coordination with the senior and junior colleagues
• Officials on honorary posts like mayors, governors, bureaucrats must main...

... middle of paper ...

...dards in the government areas to promote an employee. As they complete certain years of experience, training, qualifications, or project based work, the wages, designations and allowance are raised. From clerical levels, the employee can get elevated to positions of officers provided they exhibit the eligibility in qualifications and performance.

Employment Forecast
The forecast for government careers is promising. However, the competition in this area incessantly goes on getting keen, as the number of vacancies is far lesser than the number of applicants for the same. The candidates must be very well qualified and possess expertise in the relevant skills. The selection for the government posts is a stringent process. The aspirants must clear up the qualifying entrance examinations and tests with thorough preparations in the relevant streams and subjects.

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