The Inhumane Treatment Of Whales Essay

The Inhumane Treatment Of Whales Essay

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Currently, live whale performances have become well liked for tourists to visit. When they are there, they only see what they want to see and do not care or want to know all about the complications the whales go through just to make people smile. The documentary “Blackfish” exposes the truth about the whales, their habits, and why they act the manner they do when in captivity. The inhumane treatment of whales in captivity causes negative effects on the animals which, in turn, affects the humans who care for them.
“Blackfish” has had people thinking about the tragic events happening at SeaWorld and the reasons behind it. SeaWorld tried to cover up the deaths of trainers but, there are always people that find out the truth. The trainers who have been killed, even one of the well known trainers, Dawn Brancheau, were blamed for the incidents caused by the killer whales even though they had no control over how the animals lased out. The trainers knew that keeping any animal locked up could not be good for them, and the documentary questions if keeping the whales in captivity was the best idea. SeaWorld’s most popular whale, Tilikum, killed his trainer Brancheau, and there are many theories on why he became violent. “Blackfish” pinpoints many key issues involving the orcas. The tourists and press believe that Tilikum became more aggressive due to being locked up with other whales he did not know since birth. He was kept with only girl whales and they would endlessly bully him. It would be similar to taking people from different countries and putting them in the same room for the rest of their lives. They would not know or understand each other; this could cause someone to become frustrated, angry or even depressed. From that analogy i...

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...out them and see how they really act not how they are trained to act. Today if they released all the orcas back into the wild they wouldn’t survive because they aren’t used to that lifestyle anymore it would only work for the babies (Tocco, Nicole. “Should orcas be set free?”. Scholastic Action).
Killer whales are meant to be in the wild with their family members, not trying to impress humans. Whales or any animal have no right to be kept captive. If they are chained up their whole lives people have to expect them to break at some point or another, they have feels just like us. Captivity should not be an option. If someone wants to study the wild, it should be done in the wild. If anyone were to spend a day or even a week in a cage with unfamiliar people they would have a whole different outlook on captivity. Whale cruelty should not exist; it is not helping anyone.

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The Inhumane Treatment Of Whales Essay

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