Information Technology Ethics

Information Technology Ethics

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Article 1
Information Technology Ethics
IT Professional is a publication (Keith W. Miller 2009), it is such like book publication, it also has copyright problem, plagiarism problem, and many problems like book publication, so, to be the Professionals, they must act like the book authors to solve these problems. In aspects of IT, the side of ethical problems are including advice on how professionals can recognize, analyze, and make judgments on challenging questions about right, wrong, and computing. Computers have become essential tools of modern humans, regardless life, entertainment, education, work, and business are related with computer. Computer impact on human society very much. So knowing the Information Technology Ethics is very important to everyone, because it is useful to everyone who lives in this age.
There are many unethical IT problems, such like receiving spams on the email, this problem puzzles many people, because this kind of email could make a lot of space unavailable, many spams’ content are not suitable for children, some spams have virus inside, and many problems of spams. And the other thing is malware, it is like the trap, many people download it, and they do not know it has bad influence of their computers. The worst thing is called virus, there are many kinds of viruses hide in websites, email, software, and many kinds of thing in the computer, the best way to prevent the virus is to install Antivirus Software, but sometimes, the virus can still go into the computers.
IT is important thing of many people, regardless of now, and future, because it has substituted many things or it includes many things. So people have to learn and understand what is IT ethics, because of that, they can know more about the IT, and they can protect themselves to use it smarter.

Article 2
Medical Records and Software Trust
Many hospitals used paper to record everything in the past, nowadays, they change to use computers to record. Medical software can record many things, such like the patient history, information, and many things, it save a lot of time to record this kind of information. So this kind of the software must be reliable, because it recorded a lot of patient information. So the secrecy of the software must be high, because it has to protect the information of the patients, so if the software is broken or the information outflow than the hospital will be sued by the patients or not be able to operate.

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There are many situations that make the software unsafe or broken, such like hacking, some hacker like to steal and sale the personal information or some of them hack it and put these personal information online, so the software security is very important. And another situation is that the patient information has been deleted, there are one situation that can make the patient information to be deleted, and the one is virus, some virus can delete the computers’ information when it come into the computer, and some of the virus can also steal the patient information, so Antivirus Software is very important.
In conclusion, the medical record software helps the hospitals a lot, relatively, it also has risk to make the patient information to be not safe or disappear. But compare with recording by paper, it is a better way to record the patient information, so this kind of software must change to be stronger of security system in the future, than the hospitals can trust this kind of software more, if the security problem to be worst, the hospital may use back the old way-recording by paper in the future.

Article 3
Social Networking Marketing
There are many popular Social Network, such like Facebook and Twitter, many people like to use them to make friends, play games, and blog, regardless of old people or young people. Some of the people are not only to use it for making friends or anything, they use it to do business. Nowadays, many people also use Social Networks to do business, they are really convenient to do business, because they do not need any money to be rent, and many people use them, so there are many different kinds of customers online everyday, they do not need to worry about the customers.
But social networks are not for everybody, and must be handled with care. The bulk of users on those websites are teens and young adults. And they are web savvy. Trying to take advantage of them with regular marketing techniques will not work, and may even backfire with a negative backlash. So how to use them is important, the businessman can create a club in the Social Network, they can post the products’ photos online and let the customer see that is good or not, and other way is to post the advertisement on the wall and ask their friends to share the information on their wall.
There are many people do business on the Social Networks, many people are successful, but there are also many people fail, it depend by the ways to run the businesses, successful people got the good ways, so they can make it successfully, but the fail people are still finding the ways to be successful.

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