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Information About Teaching Styles Essay examples

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Teaching style is about how materials are delivered, rather than what is delivered. Teachings also refer to the process deliver knowledge and skill from the teacher to the students. It include the activities of educating or instructing. Each person has his or her own teaching style, and aware of their preferences when delivering the instruction. It can be defined as:
a set of attitudes and actions that open a formal and informal world of learning to the student. It is a subtle force that influences access to learning and teaching by establishing perimeters around acceptable learning procedures, processes and products. It is the powerful force of the teacher's attitude of the student as well as the instructional activities used by the teacher and it shapes the learning‐teaching experience (Betler, 1984, p. 281).
Teaching styles are divided into three major categories, mainly lecturing, facilitation and demonstrating (refer Figure 1 in Appendix 1).
The first type of teaching style is lecturing. Lecturing is the most commonly used method of teaching in universities. Although the presence of technology offers alternatives to diversify teaching methods, lecturing still prevails. However, lecturing today often fuse technology as part of its method to make lessons interesting. As an advanced technology and a desire to make innovative improvement in the education have occurred in planning and delivery of lecture. Apart from the classroom lecture mode, teachers can deliver lecture through innovative ways such as computer based by using a PowerPoint. Alternatives such as PowerPoint are the common approach in the classroom, due to its effectiveness to garner a wider range of audience. “The strength of using PowerPoint as a presentation too...

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