Essay on Influence Of The Greatest Effects On Our Life

Essay on Influence Of The Greatest Effects On Our Life

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Influence is one of the greatest effects people have on us that defines who we are as we grow and learn. Influence is aroused by people media and advertisements. The largest influence in my life has been my very own family. While not all of the effects of their influence were derived from good they shaped me into who I am today. They have instilled within me traits of financial responsibility, confidence, and the courage to fail.
Had it not been for them I would have missed out on very valuable lessons. My parents raised my brother and sister and I while managing a shoestring budget. It wasn 't easy but they made it work because they had no choice but to. Although it 's not the most comfortable way to live it taught me about the importance of unnecessary spending. I as a child never knew exactly how broke we were because i always had everything i needed. When i needed clothes or school supplies my parents would take me shopping. Food was never an issue as my parents had a plan for that as well which was necessary when raising 3 monsters that don 't stop eating. The best part and possibly most important part of their budget was when done correctly was the ability to have fun once and awhile. Because of their spending i have learned to only spend money when necessary and i have learned how to save. Because of this I was able to fund an eighteen hundred dollar trip to cancun this past summer. Without my parents i may not have learned the importance of frugality and may not have been able to experience some exhilarating times in another country.
With that being said my parents also made mistakes that i learned from. My mother never completed college and wasn 't very financially stable after they had divorced. It was hard ...

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...e not mad or disappointed. Instead I learned a lesson in practicing study skills and putting my best effort forward. Since then I’ve studied anytime necessary to ensure i received an acceptable grade. Through studying my grades have improved throughout the years and brought my GPA high enough to take an early college experience course in high school. All of the positive occurrences in my schooling career have been made possible through a small mistake early in my life. Not all mistakes are quite as small as failing a test however, some mistakes are life altering.
In some cases failure can result in a huge change of lifestyle.
My family is the largest detail in the plot of my being who I am. Without them I would not have learned the skills and such needed to be where u am and be who I am. My family has kept me afloat and in return I will try to do the same for them.

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