The Influence throughout Stan Lee's Life

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People define being influential as having someone or something looking up to you. Another way people define being influential is having control over something. Influence can be used in many ways, it can be used to make you buy something, or it can make you think different, it can also be used to help encourage people. Most of the time famous people are influential to the lower tier an example would be a professional baseball player would be a big influence to someone who is just starting out, or an popular actor influential too. Although some people say that having much influence is bad because it can make you become greedy with power but, Stan Lee proves that wrong by using his influence to help to other people in his life. He also worked very hard to show to everyone else how badly he wanted to make his dream come true. His dedication to his career proves to be a great reason for being influential. He changed the way people looked at comics and how they were created. He built his personality into the comics he created so that he knows that whoever was reading them would get enjoyment from them. Although he faced a lot of hardships and criticisms in his life Stan Lee deserves to be in the top 100 influential people because he used his vision to see others and himself improve in their knowledge throughout life, while revolutionizing the comic industry giving the world an abundance of content to enjoy and giving back to the people in every way possible.
Throughout Stan Lee’s life he inspires others to work harder and get through their problems because in the end it will always be worth the hardships you had to deal with. Stan Lee was a great motivator; many people would refer to him as their reason for why they got into making com...

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