The Influence Of Sisyphus And Start On My Life Essay

The Influence Of Sisyphus And Start On My Life Essay

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When I think of Sisyphus and start comparing him to people in my life one person that stands out is my uncle Jessie. In his younger years my uncle lived his life as he pleased, and that led to him spending several years in prison. After he was released from prison, he started a family. There are not too many prestigious careers that an unskilled felon can acquire, so my uncle Jessie became a welder at a local fabrication company. Instead of having a normal nine-to-five, forty-hour a week job he works seventy-two hours Monday thru Saturday. This job allows him to provide for and be close to his family, that is the only motivation for maintaining a job he hates. On my uncle’s one day off, his attention it devoted to his two kids and wife.
Sisyphus roamed the Earth as he pleased disobediently against the gods’ wishes and was punished for it. My uncle also roamed the Earth, as he pleased, against the laws of society, as a result he was sentenced to ten years in prison. Some people might say that he got off lucky considering Sisyphus’s punishment. I would have to argue that my uncle’s punishment is on the same level as Sisyphus’s. Jessie stared at a cell wall, while going through the same routine daily, and once he got out of jail, he obtained the only job he could that, yet it is just as miserable and consist of the same daily routine.
Pushing the rock up the hill and then chasing after it repeatedly, was Sisyphus’ dismal routine. He struggled to shove the boulder up the steep mountain, taking one wretched step after another. Jessie also has a similar uphill battle. My uncle goes to work, comes home, eats dinner, and gets ready for another day of work. This is his daily routine for six out of the seven days of the week. For my uncle...

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...fter reading the Myth of Sisyphus, I realize that a job without a meaning would not be right for me. I could not go throughout my day knowing that I am not making a difference in this world. My future goal in life is to become a pharmacist, and through that occupation I will be able to help people by distributing medicine. I believe my uncle feels like there is meaning to his life, but he has to look deep in order to find it. Whenever, I start to analyze my life I struggle to find the meaning to it. I do not want to live my entire life wondering if there is a good reason why I am doing what I am doing. Camus tells us that one must accept his fate in order to be happy, and I agree with what he says. However, I disagree when he tells us that we can’t do anything to change it. I believe one can change his, or her however the case may be, situation for better or worse.

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