Influence of Family Values, Violence and Media Upon Children Essay

Influence of Family Values, Violence and Media Upon Children Essay

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Patterns of behavior and cycles of abuse affect childhood development. Traditions and morals give the foundation and support that children need to understand boundaries. Love, family time, and structure provide a cornerstone for children to thrive. At the same time, neglect, abuse and expose to violence create the child’s blueprint for life. To what extent does the “family” shape the values of children today? Parental involvement and discipline help mold the child’s decisions regarding violent actions.
In today’s society compared to twenty five years ago, we can access news events that take place as it happens around the world by use of internet and cell phones. Parents of young children are interested in learning the cause and effect of exposure to violence in their lives, so that they can make better choices. Understanding the influence of violent media is a relatively new study because of the evolution of technology. Development and the way we perceive the world can be a product of environment or a learned behavior.
Children are affected by movies, television, toys and video games, they can also be damaged by family violence regardless of their family’s values. With today’s peer pressure and the strong influences it has on our youth it is affecting the younger generation. Children don't have the intellectual and moral standards to filter violence from their everyday lives. They need to be taught the appropriate parameters. “The over saturation of violence through the media may provoke violent tendencies for those with poor coping skills without thought to what the consequences are for their actions. When kids play these games they kill things that look much like humans, but they receive no actions that say “killing ano...

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