The Inequality Of Wealth Distribution Essay

The Inequality Of Wealth Distribution Essay

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When making a controversial point or claim, it is often useful to have data to back it up. In discussing the inequality of wealth distribution in America, the data is not controversial but rather the impact it could have on different policies and governing techniques. In order to understand the best way to react to this data that shows a wealth gap is to look to the great minds of the past and their thoughts on economic inequality. One philosopher who spent a great deal of time discussing the implications and repercussions of economic inequality was Aristotle in his writing Politics. Aristotle saw an inherent issue with a wealth gap way back in his time and therefore laid out an argument for discussing the problem and why it needs to be throughly considered when analyzing the status of a state or nation in order to prevent the creation of a perverse form of government.
In America it is very difficult to argue against the data that the inequality of wealth continue to grow. America’s wealth gap is at its greatest amount since The Great Depression and unfortunately it seems as though the rich continue to get richer and that the wealth of the nation is consistently moving into the hands of fewer and fewer people. This gap happens for a variety of reasons, and while those are significant, they are dwarfed by the importance of the results of such a rift. While many opinion about this issue have been presented, there are still more sources of valuable insight, including the philosopher Aristotle.
Aristotle presents many thoughts about a society in which there is a gap between the rich and the poor, especially when the poor greatly outnumber the rich. In a society like this, those with great wealth may have gained their property...

... middle of paper ...

...ue skill into account Aristotle shows that it can be possible to form a righteous society in the face of economic inequality.
It is a fortunate but uncommon occurrence that a modern issue such as income inequality can be discussed so throughly by somebody who was alive so long ago. Aristotle was able to foresee problems that would exist in civilizations far into the future and by analyzing his take on this issue it may be possible to find a solution in the modern age. Since Aristotle was able to lay out the consequences of property inequality, his argument can go a long way when thinking about the implications of the data of wealth inequality in America. Aristotle’s analysis that an income gap can create a perverse form of government relates very closely to the issue of our time and hopefully can help to solve it by considering his thoughts from generations ago.

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